5 Ways to Celebrate Women’s Health Week

It’s easy to let life’s day-to-day activities become a priority over your own needs. Whether it’s work, family, or social obligations, it can be tough to let health be the focus, especially for women. Our families seem to always come first as a natural instinct, but sometimes this may not always be best. That is why National Women’s Health Weekis so important, as it strives to remind and encourage woman to take care of themselves and their health!


National Women’s Health Week is May 13th-19thand its emphasis is to focus on your health, and the impact this can have on your overall well-being. If you are the caretaker for your family, it may be difficult to put yourself above others. However, this is actually the best way you can make sure the ones you love are properly looked after. If you are unwell or have low energy, you cannot possibly give your all to those who rely on you.


Often times women believe that prioritizing themselves can make them seem selfish, but National Women’s Health Weekproves this to be anything but true!


5 Ways to Make Your Health a Priority


  1. Stay on top of your doctor visits – Make sure that you are current on your annual physical. This is a great way to make sure any potential health concerns can be caught early to prevent them from becoming anything serious.
  2. Schedule preventative screening– Routine-screening appointments are just as important as your annual physical, if not more. Based on your family history, your doctor may want to closely monitor for conditions such as cancer or diabetes. Mammograms are an important preventative screening for women that shouldn’t be overlooked! Don’t disregard these appointments or put them on the back burner!
  3. Eat properly to fuel your body– Opt for nourishing foods to ensure that you will feel your best and your body will function at it’s best. Your body will be able to fight almost anything when it’s properly nourished with fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes and lean meats.
  4. Keep it moving– Engaging in exercise is a great way to decrease stress, in addition to maintaining a healthy heart and strong bones. With the weather finally getting warmer, take this as an opportunity to get outside and enjoy nature.
  5. Get enough rest– Your daily activities and work responsibilities can make it easy to want to sacrifice quality sleep to get more done. However, this will do more harm than good. Not getting enough sleep will leave you feeling groggy and your concentration will not be at its best. Instead, work smarter by ensuring that you are getting adequate sleep; your brain will thank you!


You can use this week as the push you need to take charge of your health once again! It’s time to take care of your body.


5 Ways to Get Involved


This Women’s Health Week, be sure to encourage others to take action as well. In order to raise continuous awareness of women’s health issues, it definitely requires a joint effort. Grab a friend or family member and take advantage of one of the many ways this week can be observed.


  1. Find a Women’s Health Awareness group in your community. These groups will organize activities, such as nature walks, to promote a healthy supportive environment.
  2. Attend a cooking class to hone in on your skills, or maybe learn some new ones! There is never a finite amount of information when it comes to cooking, even if you don’t consider yourself a novice.
  3. Get your family involved by cooking or exercising together. Just because it Women’s Health Week doesn’t mean it’s exclusive to women! Use this an opportunity to be with your spouse and children to create healthy household habits.
  4. Leave the car in the garage. If you work relatively close to your home, try walking or biking instead of driving. This is a great way to get fresh air, increase activity, and save on gas!
  5. Avoid risky behaviors.You’d be surprised how many people still text and drive. Don’t do it! What about driving without wearing a seatbelt, or biking without wearing a helmet? These are behaviors that are not smart! If you currently smoke, use this as a gentle push to finally kick the habit!


Making your health a priority is crucial, and what better time to start than now? When you are feeling your best, you can better support and take care of others. However, remember that in order to do this, you must first take care of yourself!


Your turn to take action:  How will you spread the word and celebrate National Women’s Health Week? Let me know in the comments below!


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