8 Creative Ways to Use Apples During National Apple Month

From left to right: Shira, Lauren and Jennifer spending the day apple picking!

From left to right: Shira, Lauren and Jennifer spending the day apple picking!

October is National Apple Month!  Apples are surely nutritious and delicious.  They are a great source of fiber and Vitamin C to help keep you heart healthy while aiding in digestion. Another plus is that apples are inexpensive, easy to carry on-the-go, and are known as a natural mouth freshener!


This month is specifically geared towards enhancing the public’s awareness to the many ways to use apples and apple products. There are so many different varieties of apples to try this month. Varieties can range from Red Delicious Apples which are red in color, sweet, crispy and juicy all the way to Granny Smiths which are green pigmented, sweet and sour. But don’t stop here; there are so many different varieties in between!


It is no coincidence that October is coined National Apple Month; it is the perfect time of year for apple picking. Going apple picking can be a lovely and enlightening experience. To make your time apple picking ideal, make it a family outing. Pack a healthy lunch and don’t forget your camera!  Orchards are usually specific to certain types of apples, so make sure you are headed to a spot that is growing the apples of your choice. It is guaranteed you will successfully come home with a large bucket of fresh apples!


After you spend the day apple picking, you get home and place this huge bucket of apples on your kitchen counter and wonder what to do with all these delicious, fresh picks.  Don’t worry.  There are so many different recipes and ways to use apples this fall season!


Here are 8 creative ways to use your fresh picked apples:


1) Kick off your day the healthy way by slicing apples and adding them to your morning oatmeal or Greek yogurt with raisins and cinnamon.


2) For lunch, add apple slices to your salad with walnuts, low fat feta cheese and light raspberry vinaigrette dressing.


3) Are you more of a sandwich person? Place apple slices in between two pieces of whole wheat bread with grilled chicken or turkey and cheddar cheese.  The refreshing flavor and moistness the apple creates will have you ditching your calorie-rich condiments!


4) How about dessert? Apples taste great sliced and baked in the oven sprinkled with cinnamon for a nutritious after dinner treat!


5) Get creative and make homemade apple jams or applesauce.


6) Make a homemade apple pie (check out the picture – my kids made this homemade apple pie after their apple picking excursion!)

Homemade apple pie

Homemade apple pie


7) Hot and cold apple ciders are a popular fall beverage.  The best ciders are made with a variety of apples, so look up some fun cider recipes to really enhance your colder fall nights.


8) Still have leftovers? No worries.  Slice your apples and freeze them. Take them out as you run low and they will stay fresh and useable.


So I challenge you this month to research all the different types of apples available.  Get to know their diverse textures and tastes and identify your favorite! Take this month to make new and unique apple creations!


Your Turn to Take Action: How will you celebrate National Apple Month?

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