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Rice CakesKids Eat Right Month

By Charna Sheinfeld,  Nutrition Intern

August is the month chosen by the academy of Nutrition and Dietetics to celebrate Kids Eat Right Month.  How fitting is it, that as children are continuing to enjoy their summer break, as well as prepare for the upcoming school year, that we highlight the importance of healthful eating and promoting active lifestyles for children and families. Educating children at the youngest age to eat right, is essential for achieving optimal physical and cognitive development, reducing the risk of chronic disease, and maintaining a healthy weight throughout life.  As childhood obesity has reached staggering numbers in the United states, with one in six children and adolescents being obese, it’s more important than ever to educate parents and children on how to “shop smart, cook healthy, and eat right.”


Check out the Academy’s website, to find tips, recipes, and videos on encouraging healthy eating and physical acitivy in your children. Some tips include, planning meals ahead of time and involving the entire family in the planning, and involve your children in the food preparation. Children love to be creative as well as have control over their meals. Empowering children to have control over the choices they make, while at the same time providing them with the knowledge on how to live a healthy lifestyle, will provide them with a lifelong desire to eat healthfully.


One of the challenging aspects of preparing healthy foods for children is in the area of snacking. Whether they are on the go on summer vacation, or at school during recess, children need an enjoyable snack that will both be tasty and give them healthy boost to help them be fueled for the days’ activities.


See the links below for some snack ideas that you can try with your kids. Let them use their creativity and have fun!



Vegetable Cheese Skewers


Animal Shaped Rice Cakes or Bread


Frozen Greek Yogurt Grape Pops


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