“But I Don’t Want the Banana to Go to Waste!”

BananasHow many times have you eaten something because if you didn’t, it would likely spoil and go in the garbage?


For a lot of mindless eaters, they eat in order not to waste food, not because they are hungry. Several factors can fuel this desire to waste-not. Maybe it’s a cost factor. After all, you spent your hard earned money buying the food and the last thing you want to do is waste your money. Or, maybe you feel guilty to throw food away because there are children in other countries that are starving.


I understand both of these factors. But, when you put the food in your belly when you are NOT hungry, it’s the same as putting it in the garbage can and it’s the same waste of money. Food is too be enjoyed; you should be achieving great pleasure in eating what food you are eating. There is no way, no matter what you say, that you are enjoying that food that you just put in your mouth when you are not hungry in the way you should be enjoying it. Thus, it’s the same waste of money.


As far as the children starving in other countries, yes, I am sensitive to this, absolutely. But, this food you are about to put into your mouth when you are not hungry has no way of getting to those starving children. By all means, help them in other ways, send aid, but don’t eat because they are starving.


Let me drive this point home with a story.


I was visiting a friend over the weekend. She prepared lunch for us which was delicious. After lunch, as we were cleaning up in the kitchen, she looked at a banana sitting on her counter. She picked it up and ate it. She then said, “I really wasn’t hungry for that”. So, I asked her why she ate it. She replied “If I didn’t eat it, it would have spoiled and ended up in the garbage”.


The moment she said those words to me, she gave a chuckle. She then said, “wow, that sounded ridiculous”. She recognized that eating the banana, or any food for that matter, when she isn’t truly hungry, is just not satisfying. As a matter of fact, she now felt overfull. She could very easily have turned it into some banana muffins.


The light bulb went on for her at that moment, and she committed to being more mindful of her eating, eating only when she is hungry, and not to avoid waste.


Your turn to take action: Do you eat to avoid waste? Please share your story in the comments section below.

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2 replies
  1. Morgan
    Morgan says:

    Wow Bonnie, you’ve done it again! Often I find myself reading your blog posts and thinking “holy cow, it’s like she knows exactly what my weaknesses are” but let me tell you, this blog hit home the most for me.

    Sadly, this happens every day of my life! I’m constantly saying to my children “if you have extras, just put it on my plate” and the reason for this is not because I’m hungry. I’m not hungry at all! But it irks me to see them waste food.

    Thanks for writing this post. I am going to be a lot more intuitive to what I’m eating and that I don’t need to eat those “extras” because eating those extras are the same as throwing it out.

    Job well done! You’re the best!!


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