Changing Leaves, Warm Boots, and Apples Galore

Apples 3 in rowHappy October everyone! October is one my favorite months- cooler weather, changing leaves, autumn clothing, and apple picking! As I was speaking with my interns about how I love this time of year, Kimberly shared how her favorite family tradition is their annual trip out east to go apple picking. Her family always make it a challenge to see who can find the best apple. She usually makes it her mission to find the apple with the best shape, color, and size. With all the apples in season this October, we should all aim to heed our doctor’s advice- eat an apple a day.


Advantages to the Apple

Did you know that apples could help lower your cholesterol, the bad form of cholesterol that is? Apples contain an average of 4 grams of soluble fiber, pectin, which helps block the absorption of LDL so the body can use and get rid of it instead. This type of fiber can also help to keep you fuller for a longer period of time.


Apples contain up to 14% of your daily value of vitamin C. Vitamin C is a well-know immune booster so while you may be able to get more Vitamin C from oranges, apples are still a good source.


There is a rumor circulating that apples have caffeine in them. I would like to dispel these rumors and make it clear that this is false. Apples do not contain caffeine but it is true that apples can keep you awake. Apples contain natural sugars which trigger blood flow, hence making you feel more awake. Even though coffee might wake you up faster, apples are a good alternative for those slow mornings.


Not All Apples are the Same

Not a fan of apples? It may just be that you haven’t found the type you like. I wasn’t the biggest fan of apples either until I realized each type of apple tasted differently. Personally my favorite is the Honeycrisp and this is actually the best time of year for them. They are sweet, crisp, and juicy.


Another type I am quite fond of is the Granny Smith; they have a nice firm texture and a more tart taste to them. If you like a softer apple, try a McIntosh. They have a sweet flavor with a softer flesh. These are also a good variety for making applesauce. Maybe give a golden delicious a shot as well. They are also on the softer side and have a thin skin. They are not overly sweet and are great for baking.


Your turn to take action: Add an apple to your breakfast to incorporate a variety of food groups to your morning routine!


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