Healthy College Menu Planning

Instead of the usual dining hall meal choices or eating out this week, try these other suggestions for meals which are convenient to prepare, and are inexpensive as well!


  • Smoothie: 8oz. low fat yogurt, 1 whole piece fruit or 8 oz. fruit juice; English muffin with jam.
  • Egg white omelet with veggies and whole wheat toast.
  • 1 cup oatmeal or yogurt with ¼ cup raisins stirred in; 1 cup fat-free milk.
  • 2 slices whole grain toast with 2 tablespoons of peanut butter; banana.
  • Fresh fruits such as bananas and apples, cut into your favorite Kashi cereal with fat-free milk.


  • Vegetarian Chili (high in protein and fiber), fruit and yogurt.
  • Whole grain turkey wrap with lettuce, tomato, and low fat dressing.
  • Fresh Lettuce Salad with added pieces of chicken or tuna, cup up raw veggies and whole wheat pita.
  • Vegan rice and beans.  This dish is high in protein, fiber, and low in fat!
  • Pizza on a pita: Add tomato sauce or fresh tomatoes from the salad bar; Sprinkle low fat mozzarella cheese. Microwave and enjoy!


  • Baked potato meal:  Top a baked potato with some of your favorites from the salad bar!  Try raw or cooked veggies, shredded low fat cheese, tofu or chili; then microwave.
  • Vegetable or bean soup.  Add a side salad and a piece of whole grain toast to make for a delicious meal!
  • Pasta tossed with grilled chicken and the vegetable of the day in the dining hall.
  • Brown rice mixed with vegetables topped with soy sauce or low fat dressing.
  • Whole wheat wrap filled with cheese, veggies and lean meat or tuna.  Put it in the sandwich griller maker for a feel like home hot pocket.
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