Kooky For National Cookie Day

CookiesWhether your 9 years old or 99 years old, everyone loves a good cookie. Cookies are soft and warm, crunchy or chewy and always, no matter what, sweet. Today is National Cookie Day! Celebrate the holidays and national cookie day by sharing a cookie with friends, coworkers and your loved ones.


The word cookie comes from the Dutch word, “Koekie”, meaning little cake. Although cookies can be a little bit like cake, they come in all different shapes and varieties today. Cookies traveled the Atlantic and made it to America in the 17th century. Macaroons and gingerbread were among the first kind of cookies to be introduced to American settlers.

There are a whole bunch of ways that cookies can be made. There is drop, pressed, rolled and sandwich-styled cookies. An example of a drop cookie is your traditional chocolate chip; rolled cookies are ones like sugar cookies or gingerbread. I love rolling out dough and using cookie cutters to make all kinds of different fun and festive shapes.


Making your own cookies at home is a great way to play with this great dessert and tailor them to your own taste! Here are a few tips to make your cookies a little healthier and tastier!


Cookies can be high in saturated fats. Try swapping out the butter in your recipe for canola oil. Replace every tablespoon of butter with one tablespoon of canola oil. Making this change will reduce the saturated fat content by at least 5g per batch.


Go one step further and replace your fats dramatically with heart-healthy alternatives. Fruit purees are a great way to reduce the fat content while maintaining a great taste. In fact, fruit purees like apple sauce or pumpkin puree will make your cookies chewier and softer. Swap out ½ of your fats with this fruit-based fat alternative. I promise it’ll make a difference without taking a hit in the flavor department.


Fat isn’t the only thing making your cookies heavier. There is a lot of unnecessary sugar in most cookies. Adjust your recipe by cutting sugar in the recipe by one-third. Doing this won’t damage the flavor or the texture but it will make your blood sugars happy.


There are other things that you can add to cookies to make them more nutritious. Rolled oats are a great addition to your chocolate chip cookies. Oats add texture, and a good deal of fiber. Not to mention, they’re pretty yummy. Or feel free to add nuts to your cookies. Nuts like walnuts, provide a lot of healthy fats and vitamins that your cookies would otherwise lack.


You don’t have to limit cookies in your life. Cookies make every occasion, whether it be the holidays or an average Friday special. But if you’re looking for a very similar treat, try “apple cookies”.


Wash and core an apple- but do not peel it. Turn your apple horizontally and cut it into ¼ inch slices.  Then, spread a thin layer of peanut butter on one side of your slices. Top your apple “cookies” with your choice of granola, raisins or mini semi-sweet chocolate chips! You can’t go wrong with this simple and sweet recipe.


You’re turn to take action: Make your own “apple cookies” at home! Switch up the recipe with different nut butters and a variety of healthy toppings.

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