Berry Easy to Prepare Berries

Berries are a versatile, low calorie treat that pack a big nutritional punch. Enjoy them by themselves, as a flavorful addition to a meal, or puree them and use as an ingredient in your favorite dish.

By themselves:
To prepare your berries just wash and eat! These tasty little treats can be a great midday snack. So put some in a baggy and pack them in your bag for an enjoyable afternoon treat.

Adding them:
You can enjoy your berries by themselves or they can make a great addition to salads, yogurts and cereals. You can also create a delicious smoothie by including berries. Drop some berries in a blender with some ice cubes and skim milk or nonfat yogurt for a refreshing blended beverage!

Why not jazz up a lean piece of meat by pureeing the berries, adding some spices and drizzle your berry glaze on top? Try pureeing some strawberries with a little orange juice, add some spices and pour it over some grilled chicken to take a so-so dish to a whole new level!

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