Healthy Diet and Cancer

Tips for incorporating more fruits and vegetables into your diet:

  • At breakfast, top cereal, pancakes or oatmeal with fresh berries, bananas or peaches.
  • Pre-washed and pre-cut fruits or vegetables makes for a great easy, fast and healthy snack.
  • Incorporating more salads into your diet is a great way to get in a lot of vegetables.
  • Make your plate colorful, incorporating three different vegetables with protein (i.e. spinach, carrots, and beets).
  • Fruit salad or baked fruit is a great alternative for dessert.

Tips for incorporating more whole grains into your diet:

  • Instead of white bread, white pasta, or white rice, try whole-wheat or whole-grain bread, whole wheat pasta, or brown rice as a healthier alternative.
  • Use whole grains as side dishes such as pilafs, barley or quinoa.
  • For breakfast, try whole grain cereals, whole wheat pancake and waffle mixes, or whole grain hot cereals.
  • Whole grain crackers make for a good snack.

Choose alternatives to processed and red meats:

  • Fresh roasted turkey or chicken makes a good substitute for red meat.
  • Tofu can be used in almost any recipe as a substitute for meat.
  • Choosing turkey sausage or turkey bacon with breakfast is a better option than beef sausage.
  • Egg salad or hummus is a good substitute for lunch meats.
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