How to Stay Healthy During Super Bowl Weekend



It’s only February and already another food frenzied “holiday” is just around the corner. This weekend is Super Bowl Sunday and whether you’re rooting for the Denver Broncos or the Carolina Panthers, you know that there will be a slew of not-so-healthy foods and snacks galore. Super Bowl Sunday is synonymous with plenty of beer consumption, chicken wings and extra salty potato chips. If you’re trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle, this kind of celebration can be a major obstacle.

Make an effort to do something different this year. This Super Bowl Sunday, take advantage of the many ways you can enjoy yourself without overdoing it.

Don’t go to the party starving. You’ve heard me say this before. Eat a hearty breakfast and a healthy lunch not long before the game begins. You don’t want to find yourself ravishing the snack table because you missed out on a good meal. Those calorie dense finger foods will look way less appealing if you are with some wholesome food in your stomach.

Mind your own portions. First, do a mental survey of what there is to eat. Choose the foods that are your favorites and put small portions on a plate. Return to your seat on the crowded couch and watch the game! Before heading back for a refill, do a quick check to see if you are truly full. If your body is telling you that you’re full, this is a good time to put the plate down.

Be mindful of alcohol consumption. As you probably already know, beer is highly caloric. You may find yourself mindlessly drinking a couple as the game starts to heat up. Take note of how much alcohol you are drinking. The recommendation for women is one drink per day and t2 drinks per day for men. Whether you choose to have one or two drinks, be sure to pace yourself and drink water in-between. Ask your spouse or friend to keep a tab on how much you are drinking as well. Drinking doesn’t have to be boring. Mix it up with plenty of alcohol-free drinks like a cranberry spritzer or a raspberry essence water.

Bring your own healthy snack to share! Fortunately, there is a way to make both healthy and delicious snacks. Opt for low-fat dairy products and low sodium carbs. Use the internet to find fun and simple recipes such as stuffed jalapeno peppers with Panko bread crumbs, black bean turkey chili, roasted red pepper hummus, or air-popped black pepper popcorn. Bringing your own dish will not only be a nice gesture but a great way to have delish, low calorie food option.

The average American will consume 2400 calories and 121 grams of fat during the Super Bowl event this Sunday. That’s more than the daily recommendation of calories and fat for most people. Don’t become part of the crowd. Use these suggestions to guide you to making smarter choices. Most importantly, have fun and may the best team win!

Your Turn to Take Action: Find a healthy Super Bowl-friendly snack that you love and share below! If you have any other suggestions for mindful eating this weekend, we would love to hear from you.

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