I Have Nothing to Wear!

Closet-messyYou are standing in front of your closet and have no idea what to put on to wear today. You think “nothing will look good on me”. You reluctantly take out a pair of pants and a shirt and put it on. You look in the mirror and immediately rip these clothes right off your body. “Ugh”, you think. “Looks terrible”. Out comes the next outfit, then the next, and the next. Until you finally give up and leave the house with the first outfit you put on.


Would you like to change this scenario? Would you like to rewrite it as follows…


“What should I wear today? Oh, this outfit is nice and I haven’t worn it in a while”. You take it out of the closet, put it on, twirl around and head out the door.




You just saved yourself at least 30 minutes in the morning (if not more!)


So the big question here is how can you turn around YOUR morning routine and be happy with whatever you put on?


First you have to accept your body for where it is at right now. I don’t mean throw caution to the wind and eat mindlessly and for all the wrong reasons. I mean part of changing your relationship with food is letting go of the harsh body bashing that you do. Stop comparing your body to others, stop talking negatively towards yourself and accept that this is where your body is right now. Then, work on understanding the underlying reasons why you turn to food for reasons other than hunger, why you eat mindlessly, and commit to taking a different approach to eating.


Commit to learning to become an intuitive eater, learning to identify gentle hunger and comfortable fullness as your guide to starting and stopping your eating. Learn to cope with your emotions without food. Start moving your body not because you think you have to in order to better your body, but because you feel EMPOWERED when you do. And then, respect that your body is what it is now and you need to feed it, cloth it comfortably and talk nicely to it.


Doing this will allow you to transform your relationship with food and ultimately will help you achieve the body you love and feel good in.


I know this is a tall order. Well, I am here to help you. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me if you need some support. Just email me at bonnie@brghealth.com .


You can also join my FREE support group on Facebook right here.


Here’s to an extra 30 minutes in the morning….





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