It’s No Trick—Have a Treat!

Candy 1Halloween—it’s probably one of the least likely times of the year that you want to interact with a nutrition professional.  But if you’ve been traveling down the mindful eating road with me, I can guarantee you that you can handle this holiday AND enjoy some candy too!

Halloween can be tricky because let’s be honest, it isn’t always about this one day.  You buy candy for “trick or treaters” and it’s in the house for days leading up to the day of Halloween.  Then the day comes, you bring out the candy you bought and, if you have kids, they bring in a whole new batch of the sweet stuff!  It is a sweet cycle that can be not so sweet for someone trying to be healthy.

But as you have been learning with intuitive eating, it is not about deprivation and restriction.  If you tell yourself that you are forbidden to eat any of the candy because it is not part of the “plan,” the likelihood that you will go on a candy crusade when nobody is looking greatly increases.  If you do go candy crazy, you aren’t left with sweet satisfaction, but rather a sick stomach and perhaps a cavity or two.

But YOU know how to handle this—YOU know how to be mindful!

It’s all about enjoying and knowing that it’s okay to have it, and then you will be able to stop.  I’m sure you have your favorite type of candy, and by all means if you would like to have a piece, then you should.  Make a conscious effort to savor it, really taste it in your mouth, the taste, texture and aroma.  This will be a very different experience than if you just pop a few pieces into your mouth as you are dashing in and out without really even tasting it.

By giving yourself permission to enjoy the day with your family and enjoy a sweet treat, you don’t miss out on the fun because you are “on a diet.”  And, by being mindful while eating your favorite piece of candy, you will see that you will be satisfied with just one or two pieces.

So treat yourself to a treat!  Enjoy that piece or two of candy, and recognize that it is enough.  Mindful eating gives you the ability to do this and provides you with more enjoyment than you’ve likely experienced on this holiday in the past.

Happy Halloween!

Your turn to take action: What is your favorite candy that you will eat and savor this Halloween?

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