It’s Time To Take Your Burger to the Next Level!

Did you know that July 28th is National Hamburger Day?  Hamburgers are just about as American as it; in fact; when people who live outside the United States are asked what they think of as American food, hamburgers top the list.  Little do they know, the hamburger was not started in the U.S.!


The idea of putting a beef patty between two pieces of bread dates as far back as the 1700s, where the idea was first documented in a German cookbook. In fact, the word hamburgeris derived from a slang term referring to the city of Hamburg, Germany!


To celebrate this day, I want to suggest some fun ways you can put a spin on one of America’s favorite foods!


Burger Basics


There are so many variations to the traditional hamburger, but for the most part, the following food groups are staples when it comes to burgers!

  • Protein –Traditionally, hamburgers are made using ground beef. However, you can make a burger with ground bison, turkey, chicken or fish. You can also use black beans, Portobello mushroom and tofu! Whatever protein you choose, make this your base.
  • Toppings – Ah the toppings are the best part of a hamburger! There are so many delicious options. You can choose low-fat cheeses, avocado, lettuce, tomato, raw or cooked onions, mushrooms and more! You’d be surprised to see how much actually goes with a hamburger.
  • Condiments – Personally, if I’m going to have tomato or avocado on my burger, I skip the condiments as they add a lot flavor by themselves! But, if you’re looking for condiments to add, try spicy mustard, hummus or my favorite Dijon mustard!
  • Bun – There are so many choices when it comes to the bun. You can keep it traditional with a “hamburger roll” or you can choose a whole grain English muffin, multi-grain roll, lettuce for additional crunch or leave the bun out. It’s your choice!


4 Delicious Burger Ideas


Are you looking for new recipes/ideas to spice up your basic burger? Here are 4 of my favorite burger recipes!

  1. Mushroom Buckwheat Burger
  2. Tofu Veggie Burger
  3. Sweet potato burger –Bake your sweet potato, then combine in a food processor with chick peas, onions and your favorite seasonings. You can then add egg, oats or bread crumbs to bind them. Form your patty and cook it on a skillet.  Enjoy!
  4. Black beans– Mix black beans with rice and create patties for a simple twist on the classic burger. Add egg to help bind it more and feta cheese if you’re looking for more flavor (or any seasonings you may enjoy).


There’s no better way to keep your kitchen cool than grilling up summer favorites, and there’s nothing I like better than a delicious burger. With so many ways to change it, it may become one of your favorites as well!


Your Turn to Take Action:How will you spin your burgers this summer? Let me know in the comments below.



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