“Lose 30 Pounds in a Month”

Lose 30 pounds in a mthI was flipping through the newspaper on Saturday and came across an ad with a big headline that read: “Lose 10-20-30 Pounds in A Month”.


“Oh no” I thought to myself. Here we go again. The New Year is approaching and we are being bombarded with all the diet advertisements, commercials and self-titled “Health Gurus” pushing their diet program, pills, or books to help you lose weight in 2015.


I know it’s tempting to believe these headlines:


“Eat this, never diet again”

“Burn fat quicker without diet or exercise”

“Lose 30 pounds in a month”

“Experience spontaneous weight loss”


Wouldn’t it be nice to finally say NO to another diet?


If these diets were the answer you’ve been looking for, then why are you still looking?


It’s because diets don’t work. Period, end of story.


I just got off the phone with a woman. She’s been struggling with her weight for 10 years, on and off multiple diets, more recently counting calories and tracking every single food she is eating. She is restricting herself, not enjoying her food, and if she does eat something that she deems “bad”, she is wracked with guilt for days to come.


I offered her another solution. Give up diets, give up calorie counting and food tracking. Learn to trust your body once again through the process of shifting your mindset and becoming an intuitive eater. Achieve the freedom to eat without food worry and live your life without body worry.


You have to understand that this is a transformation that takes time. You are undoing years of damage that dieting has caused you; damage to your self-esteem, to your confidence and to your body. It doesn’t happen overnight.  This means you have to invest in yourself in order to achieve what you truly desire. When you invest, you commit to the transformation and nothing will stop you from getting there.


Are you ready to transform in 2015? If you are, request a complementary session here and we will set you on the path to freedom to eat forever.




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