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This December, celebrate more than just the holidays, celebrate National Pear Month! Pears are the apples cousin- slightly different but equally delicious. Juicy pears provide so many health benefits and “pear well with so many different foods.


There are roughly 3000 varieties of pears grown worldwide. They come in made different shades, shapes and textures. The traditional pear that you’re probably most familiar with is the Pyrus communis, or “common pear” that has a green-yellow hue and tons of flavor.


For maximum health benefits from pears, it’s important to eat the skin. Studies have shown that the skin of pears contains at least three to four times as many phenolic phytonutrients as the flesh. The skin of the pear has been researched extensively for its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Not to mention, the skin provides at least half of the pears fiber content. A single pear offers 22% of the daily value for fiber.


Recently, pears have earned special recognition for reducing the risk of type 2 diabetes in women. Pears have been shown to improve insulin sensitivity due to their high flavonoid content. These flavonoids may also increase the interaction between fiber and bile which helps excrete cholesterol in the body.


Any way you put it, pears are a great addition to your overall health. They can be added to tarts, mixed in salads or turned into yummy jams. Although, for me, the best way to eat them is ripe and washed. Celebrate the holidays this season with some delicious pears.


Here’s an original and exciting pear recipe for you to try at home: 


Poached Pears in Cranberry Juice

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