My Supermarket Sidekick

Imagine having all of your nutrition and food questions answered WHILE you’re in the supermarket.

Now you can!

My Supermarket Sidekick will help you navigate the nutrition label and make the best food decisions for yourself and your family.

My Supermarket Sidekick by Bonnie GillerYou’ll find answers to your questions such as:

• What’s the difference between brown and white eggs?
• How do I distinguish between whole and refined grains?
• What’s the difference between organic and grass fed meat?
• Shopping for fish? Which to choose and which to avoid that are high in mercury!
• What protein options are there other than meat?

My Supermarket Sidekick also includes:
• Tips for your shopping trip
• How to read a food label
• Definitions of food labeling terms

My Supermarket Sidekick is pocket-size, fits perfectly into your pocketbook or backpack.

It’s like having your personal nutritionist (me!) in your back pocket while you shop!

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