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overwhelmedDo you find yourself turning to food when you feel stressed and overwhelmed but don’t know how else to deal with it?   It could be a hard day at work, a disagreement with your partner, or just plain old procrastination.    

You know there is a better way to deal with things, but you still find yourself eating, when you’re not even hungry.  You tell yourself you won’t do it again, but as soon as you turn around, you’re in the cookie jar…again.

 I’ve been helping people for over 25 years overcome stress eating and deal with the overwhelm in their lives.  As a registered dietitian with specialized training in Intuitive Eating, I have been able to guide overeaters and stress eaters in their transformation to healthier habits and ultimately healthier lives.

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  • The #1 thing you need to do to STOP turning to food when you feel stressed

  • The biggest mistakes most people make when feeling overwhelmed

  • The key to changing unhealthy habits that make you overeat

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Bonnie Giller

Bonnie R. Giller helps chronic dieters who are feeling overwhelmed by all the diets, tips and information out there create a tailored solution that combines three essential ingredients: a healthy mindset, nutrition education and caring support.  The result is they can achieve the weight loss they desire and the body they love without dieting. 

Bonnie is a Registered Dietitian (R.D.), Certified Dietitian-Nutritionist (CDN) and Certified Diabetes Educator (C.D.E.) with specialized training in Intuitive Eating.  She offers programs for the chronic dieter to achieve long lasting weight loss and freedom from stress eating.   Bonnie also treats a variety of medical conditions and offers a nutrition program teaching young children how to make healthy food choices.

Get a copy of Bonnie’s Free Guide, 5 Steps to a Body You Love without Dieting at, and learn about her many programs, presentations and cookbooks by visiting her website at

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