Summer Ways to Have Fun in the Sun

Tomorrow, June 20th marks a very special day. It’s summer solstice, signifying the first day of summer! Like many, summer is probably your favorite season.   The weather is warmer, the days are longer and the opportunities to get outside and remain active are endless.


Aside from the warmer weather and the lifted spirits of everyone around, the summer months are an excellent time to become a healthier you! Consider taking this time to start a new hobby, or go on a new adventure and allow your inner youth to come out in full force! Don’t be afraid to play some games and get moving, anything that gets you outside is fair game.


5 fun and exciting summertime activities:


  1. Take a long walk each night after dinner.
  2. Go to a local park and go for a hike with a loved one
  3. Play Frisbee or have a catch with your kids.
  4. Get outside and do some yard work like mowing your lawn or gardening.
  5. Go golfing, kayaking or any other outdoor sport


The idea here is to get creative! Anything that gets you up and moving outdoors is a great way to reconnect with nature. It also provides an excellent opportunity to connect with your children or loved ones in fun and exciting ways.


Summer weather doesn’t only give you an opportunity to get outdoors and run around. It also gives you an opportunity to greatly improve the nutritional quality of your diet. With fruits and vegetables in peak season, it’s a great time to start adding them to each of your meals and try some new produce you may have never eaten before.


4 ways to get outside and improve your nutrition:


  1. Explore a local farmer’s market for fresh produce.
  2. Start a garden in your yard and plant some herbs
  3. Grill vegetables to explore some new dishes.
  4. Freeze fruit in ice pop trays for a fresh and nutritious desert. Try my recipe for Banana Chocolate “Ice Cream” Pops!


Be sure to get outside and try something new this summer. Go outside and get your hands dirty! Plant some vegetables you’ve always wanted to try and be sure to take notice of how different the taste is when it’s fresh from your own garden. When at the farmers market, ask for their recommendations. They are the farmers harvesting the fruits and vegetables so they will give you some great advice on which are in peak season and can help you greatly expand your diet!


Your turn to take action:  What will you do to celebrate the summer solstice?  Let me know in the comments below!



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