Nutrition Education Program

Are you ready to make changes to your eating and lifestyle habits and behaviors but know that restrictive diets only provide short-term results? Then “Education-Based Learning” is for you through The 10 Nutrition Pillar System™! A Nutrition Pillar™ is a fundamental principle that guides your eating patterns and food choices so you can nourish your body, be healthy and strong.

Together, The 10 Nutrition Pillars™ lay the foundation to support a healthy YOU!

No more dieting!
No more counting calories!
No more banning carbs!
No more following a restricted meal plan.
Adopt new habits ONE PILLAR at a time.

The 10 Nutrition Pillar Systemis designed to help you:

~Increase your energy level~
~Lower blood cholesterol~
~Lower blood sugar~
~Lower blood pressure~
~Improve your mood~
~Achieve your natural healthy weight~
~Help you feel your best~

The Nutrition Pillars include topics such as a nutrition makeover of your plate, the essentials of breakfast, responding to your body’s signals, meals with staying power, sweetening foods naturally, the health benefits of herbs and spices, restorative sleep and more.

The 10 Nutrition Pillar System™ is your 10-Step solution to healthy and vibrant living.

You will learn one Nutrition Pillar™ at a time, and how to apply it to your daily life.  Each pillar builds upon the previous pillar so you’re changing your habits and behaviors gradually as you create a strong foundation to support your new healthy body.

“Each Nutrition Pillar™ works together to maintain the structure of your body and mind. Look at these as not a diet plan, but as a system working together to support your structure.” ~ Bonnie R. Giller


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“The Nutrition Pillar System™ has provided me with a valuable foundation for eating more healthfully and feeling great without dieting or restricting my eating. With this program, Bonnie has once again made an impact on my relationship with food in a positive way. The program provides guidelines for creating healthy menus while considering my preferences and lifestyle. I have learned about sugars, fats, salts, processed foods, as well as, the importance of hydration, breakfast, and sleep. This is done with a focus on eating mindfully and listening and responding to my body’s signals. My weekly check-ins with Bonnie always left me feeling inspired and motivated to stay on this journey, knowing that I had the resources to change unhealthy habits in a natural and lasting way. I have given up dieting forever and I am enjoying the freedom to eat what is good for me and makes me feel great.  Thanks Bonnie!” ~JoAnne G.

“As I began learning about the Nutrition Pillars, I started making my own food choices and I feel great.”

“Before working with Bonnie, I tried all sorts of diet programs and eating regimens but felt stuck eating only what the plan told me to eat. As I began learning about the Nutrition Pillars, I started making my own food choices and I feel great. Now I know how to balance my meals and snacks and I love the healthy food that I am eating. I have been able to release weight (without trying) and bring my cholesterol and blood sugar levels into target range. It’s been an amazing experience reaching my health goals through a nutrition education approach versus a strict regimen.” ~Kathy T.