Time to Celebrate Memorial Day!

Summer is finally here! How do I know? Because it’s finally the unofficial start to summer, Memorial Day weekend!   This weekend brings the start of warmer weather, long summer nights and BBQ. But, along with being the official summer kick-off weekend, it’s also a time to honor all of the soldiers.


Memorial Day weekend is a federal holiday that was started in 1858 to honor all of the soldiers who lost their lives serving our country.   Traditionally, flags are flown at half-staff for the first part of the day, in remembrance of the fallen men and women. After noon, flags are raised to full-staff, showing their sacrifice was not in vain. Since it’s a federal holiday, many businesses are closed, which gives you more time to celebrate the fallen soldiers as well as the start of summer!


5 Summertime Tips for Choosing Wisely


Along with the start of summer, it’s the start of BBQ season! Unfortunately, BBQ’s can cause some stress for people given the traditional “unhealthy” foods served. However, I’m here to tell you that you can enjoy your BBQ without all the guilt!


  1. Make a plan ahead of time. If you know you’re headed to a few different parties over the weekend, plan ahead. Offer to bring a tossed salad, homemade pasta salad, cooked veggies or trimmings like lettuce, tomato and onions for the burgers. By doing this you’ll know you have something to eat that you like ANDyour host will be grateful!


  1. Have a snack before you arrive. Do your best to not show up to the party hungry! If you’re hungry, you’re more likely to munch on appetizers before the main meal is ready, which leads to overeating. If you eat something before you go, you’ll be better able to hear your hunger and fullness signals and give your body what it needs.


  1. Limit your alcohol intake. Too much alcohol lowers your inhibitions and, while it may make you dance better (or so you think), it’s also likely to cloud your judgement on what and how much to eat. If you plan to drink, have just one or two.


  1. Choose wisely. You know there are going to be A LOT of food choices at a summer party. If your friend makes the absolute best hamburgers on the planet but her potato salad isn’t your favorite, choose to enjoy that hamburger to its fullest and pass on the things you don’t like. There’s no reason to eat something you won’t enjoy!


  1. Enjoy mindfully. This ties all the other points together. Enjoy your summer in every aspect and enjoy it mindfully. Relish the sweet fruits that are only available this time of year, sip slowly on summer cocktails, and take advantage of the weather to spend quality time with your friends and family. Savor the food and drinks, and savor the company, too!


Be sure to take the time this Memorial Day to thank the fallen soldiers who gave their lives for our freedom and enjoy your official kick-off to summer!


Your turn to take action:How will you celebrate Memorial Day this year? Let me know in the comments below!


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