Treat Your Sweetheart to a Healthy Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day is often a day filled with indulgences.  Popular gifts include sugary sweets and chocolate.  But why not treat your sweetheart to a gift that’s not just thoughtful but healthy too! Check out some of the ideas below for some healthier ideas for this Valentine’s Day.

Handmade Cards: Get scissors, paper and markers and create your own Valentine’s Day card.  Fill the card with a special note or poem and let your creativity shine!

Anytime Coupons: Give that special someone coupons that they can use anytime their heart desires.  Create a booklet of coupons including ideas like cooking them a candlelit dinner or cuddling on the couch.

Forever Together: Spend quality time together and plan an activity for the two of you.  Look into bed and breakfasts or plan a day trip to go skiing.

Right in Sync: Exercise together!  Get outdoors and take a walk, run or bike ride together.  Being active together allows you to spend time with each other while getting in a great workout.   

Wonderful Wellness:  Give the gift of wellness.  Try contacting a local spa and purchasing a gift certificate for a facial or massage for your valentine.  Or better yet, offer to provide this gift yourself!

Mood Booster:  Volunteer this Valentine’s Day with your sweetheart and make a date to give back.  Go to a soup kitchen or food pantry or make a donation of old clothes you no longer wear.  Giving back can be a feel good activity for the two of you. 

Sweet Tooth:  Still feel the need to send something sweet?  Try fruit fondue!  Dip all your favorite fruits in yogurt or dark chocolate for a delicious and healthy snack.


How are you celebrating Valentine’s Day today?  


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