Your Guide to a Healthy Passover

Can you believe Passover is only 1 week away! I’ve been busy cleaning the house and have just started putting my menu together. It all seems so overwhelming but staying organized is my secret to enjoying Passover without the stress and overwhelm.


One of the biggest concerns for my clients over Passover is that they will gain weight from “all the eating”. It is true that there are a lot of holiday meals, and you will be in the kitchen more often than you are during a non-holiday week, but I assure you that you can enjoy Passover and continue on your healthy eating journey.


Here are my Top 5 Tips:


1: Check it out

Did you know that I have been posting daily smart eating tips and strategies on my Facebook Passover the Healthy Way Cookbook page? If not, just click HERE and LIKE the page for daily tips and inspiration (and a riddle or two!).


2: Revisit your menu

With one week to go, I imagine you have already planned your menu and shopping list. You have likely even done a few trips to the supermarket. Take today to revisit your menu for any last minute changes you want to make. Then make a new shopping list so you stay organized. I categorize my shopping list into: Dairy, Meat and Poultry, Fruits and Vegetables, Dry Goods, Refrigerated items, Freezer items, Condiments, Beverages etc. You get the idea. I check off the item as I put it in my shopping cart (I have little boxes next to the item on my list, there’s nothing better than putting that little check mark in the box).


3: Write out your errand list

We all know that preparing for Passover is not just in the kitchen. There are trips to the dressmaker, the tailor, the hat lady, the cleaners, the shoe maker, the drug store, and so on. Ask each family member what they need for Passover. Give them a deadline as to when they need to tell you so you are not running out on the day of Passover to CVS to buy ponytail holders or lipstick.


4: Tweak your traditional recipes

You can absolutely enjoy your traditional recipes this Passover and still stay the course. While Passover recipes are often laden with eggs, oil, and sugar, there is a way to tweak them without anyone knowing the better.  Here’s what I suggest:

  • Replace some of the eggs in a recipe with egg whites. Two egg whites = 1 whole egg
  • Cut the oil in a recipe by 1/3. Then, replace half with applesauce. So, if a recipe calls for 1 cup of oil, use 1/3 cup oil and 1/3 cup applesauce.
  • Decrease the sugar in a recipe by 1/3. Swap some of the remaining amount of sugar with banana or pureed prunes for natural sweetness.


5: Cut the salt, kick up the herbs

Adjust your Passover recipes by reducing the ingredients high in sodium a little at a time.  Don’t be fooled by recipes without table salt that do call for instant soups, bouillon cubes, or condiments which are high in sodium!  Experiment with herbs and spices for great taste ad nutritional benefit.


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