Managing Diabetes without Dieting


Diabetes management is key to living a healthy life free of complications. Most doctors will tell you that to lower your A1C you have to lose weight. This recommendation puts the focus on the wrong thing. There are many other variables that need to be addressed to help you manage your blood sugars and prevent long-term complications.


I’d love to share more about what these important variables are so you can bring your A1C down and minimize the risk of long-term diabetes complications. And I’d like to share some info with you on my new weight-neutral diabetes management program called : Healthy Living with Diabetes: A New Approach to Managing Diabetes without Dieting.


Apply today for a complementary Managing Diabetes Discovery Session.

In this session, we will:

  • Get clear on the challenges you are facing with managing your diabetes
  • Understand what has worked for you and what hasn’t
  • Clarify the variables you need to address that doctors aren’t telling you about
  • Create an action plan to help you manage your diabetes without dieting
  • Determine if the Healthy Living with Diabetes Program is a right fit for you


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