It’s UV Safety Month!

UV Safety is so important – in fact, it’s so important that we even have the whole month of July dedicated to it! The summer is in full swing so it’s necessary to be mindful of the amount of time you’re spending in the direct sun. The sun can be extremely harmful if the correct precautions aren’t taken when spending time outdoors.


Skin Protection:


Here are 4 easy tips to lessen the negative effects of the sun on your skin!


  1. Sunscreen, sunscreen and more sunscreen!
    Sunscreen is imperative when spending a day in the sun. Be sure to apply sunscreen 30 minutes before any activity in the direct sunlight, and reapply every 1-2 hours. Any SPF is fine, but if you are prone to burning, have sensitive skin or have any kind of skin condition, a higher SPF may be more effective for you.


  1. Rash Guards!
    If you’re out swimming or surfing at the beach, a rash guard can be your best friend. They normally have SPF built into them, and they do a great job of protecting your shoulders and back from the damaging effects of the sun. These are especially great for kids on those days when they are out in the sun for long periods of time because you won’t have to worry about reapplying sunscreen as often!


  1. Don’t forget your eyes and lips!
    Many people often forget about protecting their eyes from the sun – and sunglasses are the key to that, especially since you can’t physically put sunscreen on your eyes! Additionally, there are certain sunscreen brands that make lip balm with ingredients specifically to protect your lips from the sun. Make sure to check those out the next time you’re buying sunscreen!


  1. Sit in the Shade!
    Finally, if you are out tanning or watching a sporting event out in the sun for a long period of time, make sure you’re in the shade for some of that time. Trees and beach umbrellas are a great source of shade, so don’t overlook them!


Nutrition and Skin Health:


Along with taking the proper precautions to protect your skin from the UV, what you eat can also help keep it healthy!


Vitamins A, C, and E– help with the production of collagen, which is a protein that helps keep your skin firm and wrinkles at bay.

  • Food sources of vitamin A include dairy and eggs
  • Food sources of vitamin C include citrus fruits, tomatoes and strawberries
  • Food sources of vitamin E includes nuts and seeds


Omega 3 fatty acids and Green tea – studies have shown that foods high in omega-3 fatty acids (fatty fish like salmon) and green teas have effects that may protect you from the sun. Try to eat at least 2 servings of fatty fish per week and a cup or two of iced green tea each week!


Water – an essential nutrient! Drink water throughout the day to keep your skin hydrated, healthy and glowing. When you are dehyrated, your skin may appear dry and dull. The best way to monitor your hydration status is looking at the color of your urine, if it’s light – you’re  hydrated well; if it’s dark – there’s a good chance you’re dehyrdated.



Benefits of the Sun: Vitamin D


Although too much sun is unhealthy for your skin and can dehydrate you, it does have some very important health benefits. But, before I get into that, I want to stress that the benefits from sun exposure can occur in minimal sun expsoure – you don’t need a day of laying out!  Okay, now back to the benefits!


Did you know that the sun actually enables the cells in your skin to produce vitamin D? It is recommended that you stay in the sun for at least 10-20 minutes each day in order to get the adequate daily amount of vitamin D. Vitamin D plays a role in the synthesis of calcium which in turn is beneficial for your bone health – so basically it plays a huge role in keeping your bones strong and healthy as you age.


Remember, too much of anything isn’t great, so refer back to the top of this article for ways to protect your skin from the harmful effects of the sun.


Your turn to take action:How will you keep your skin safe and healthy this summer? Let me know in the comments below!

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