Kooky for Cookies!

Did you know that there is an entire day dedicated to celebrating cookies? The delicious and delectable dessert is celebrated today, December 4th, which is National Cookie Day!


Just in case you’re unfamiliar with the wonderful cookie, Wikipedia defines it as “a baked or cooked good that is small, flat, and sweet.” Cookies, which are known as biscuits outside of the US and Canada, can be made from pretty much any sweet ingredients and can be in just about any size and shape. The best thing about cookies is that they can fit into just about anyone’s eating plan.


Got Cookies?


There are lots of kinds of cookies but they all fall under 7 basic types:


  1. Bar cookies, such as lemon bars or brownies
  2. Drop cookies, which are dropped onto a baking sheet, like chocolate chip cookies
  3. Molded cookies, which are just cookies molded into a particular shape
  4. Pressed cookies, which are extruded from a cookie “gun”
  5. Refrigerator cookies, where the dough is rolled, refrigerated, then sliced, such as shortbread cookies.
  6. Rolled cookies, such as gingerbread cookies, where the dough is rolled out and then cut.
  7. Sandwich cookies, like macaroons and whoopee pies


Some cookies can fall under multiple categories or may be considered a “faux-cookie,” where there’s no baking and the item is more of a mix of a cookie and a candy, like Rice Krispie Treats.


Smart Swaps at Home


Cookies can fit into anyone’s diet just the way they are. However, if you are looking for smart swaps to give cookies more nutrients, then I have some tricks for you.


Cookies are made from lots of different ingredients, but they typically contain 4 staples: butter, sugar, flour and “mixings”, such as chocolate chips and nuts. With a little kitchen magic, you can make smart swaps to change up the nutrient content.


  • Butter: Replace butter with canola oil and fruit purees to reduce the saturated fat in the recipe. This will change the texture of the cookie but adding fruit purees such as apple or pumpkin will keep the texture moist.


  • Sugar: Cookie recipes typically contain far more sugar than needed. Cut the sugar in the recipe by 1/3 and you’ll keep the sweetness while maintaining the texture. You can also use prune puree to sweeten and add a fiber boost!


  • Flour: Use almond flour mixed with regular flour to add a dose of healthy fat along with vitamin E or swap out some of the flour needed with rolled oats to add both texture and volume. You can also use buckwheat flour for a nuttier flavor!


  • Mixings: Along with adding chocolate chips to cookies, you can add nuts like walnuts, peanuts, pecans, almonds and coconuts. You can choose to combine any of the mixings or just stick to one. Either way, any of the mixings will make your cookies tastier and add a delicious crunch!


Mindfully Eating Cookies


With the holiday cookie exchanges coming up soon, it’s smart to have a plan in place to make sure you are truly enjoying the cookie(s) you are eating. This is where mindful eating comes into play.   Here are three simple and basic steps on how you can mindfully eat a cookie:


  1. Look at your cookie. Notice its texture, color and smell. Does it look appetizing to you?
  2. Take a small bite and savor it. Allow the cookie to melt in your mouth so your body can enjoy all of the tastes.
  3. Check in with your body. Did you like the cookie? Was it everything you hoped it would be? Do you want another bite or was one enough? If you want another bite, then have another! If your body is saying it doesn’t need anymore then its okay to wrap the cookie and save it for later.


Cookies always have a place in your diet, you just have to find where they fit for you. Mindful eating can help you truly enjoy the cookie without feeling like you need to overindulge!


Your Turn To Take Action: What kind of cookie will you make to celebrate National Cookie Day? Let us know in the comments below!


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