Celebrating Memorial Day and National Brown Bag It Day!

Grilling chic-cornThe Memorial Day Holiday is meant to celebrate the lives lost from the armed forces; people who gave their life for the freedom and liberty of this country. Let’s salute them!


This long weekend is always a tough one for many chronic dieters. So many parties, so much food, it never ends! And who doesn’t want to be a part of the fun? It is hard to face the temptation at each event but it IS possible!


Some tips to stay healthy and happy on Memorial Day Weekend:


  1. Don’t arrive at the party starving—this will prompt you to eat whatever you see.
  2. Watch what beverages you are consuming—soda and alcohol have many calories that add up quick.
  3. Try to limit fried food intake—look for the fresh vegetables with dips and food that has been grilled.


These few tips could keep calorie count low while still enjoying yourself. Stay active and social, and put the focus on fun not food.


Another idea is to bring a healthy dish to the party. Your host will be thankful and you will have a choice you know that you love and that is good for you too. I bet there will be others at the party that will thank you for bringing a nutritious dish as well.


Remember: this is a weekend for friends, family, and fun—don’t let a diet mentality and food worry ruin it!


May 25 also happens to be National Brown Bag It Day. This is a day celebrated to bring your own lunch to school and work. While you are likely off this day for Memorial Day, you can certainly celebrate it on Tuesday.
Bringing your own lunch to work or school keeps YOU in the driver’s seat and in full control of your food decisions. This will ensure a healthy lunch and will also save you money!


Memorial Day celebration leftovers are a great idea for brown bagging it in honor of National Brown Bag Day. Dinner leftovers are another option and is always a good and easy choice.


Enjoy the holiday weekend!



















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