It’s Going to Be A Strawberry Extravaganza!

Did you know that strawberries are one of the most popular fruits eaten in the United States? They are extremely popular because they are so versatile, nutritious, and delicious! It’s no wonder then that this well-liked fruit has its own day. On February 27th, we get to celebrate National Strawberry Day!


You may be wondering why we celebrate a fruit that is typically in season April-June… in February. That’s because strawberries can be purchased anytime for enjoyment all year around. Also, February is the perfect time to celebrate them as it gives you something to remind you of spring and summer!


4 Fantastic Reasons to Eat More Strawberries:


  1. Rich in fiber: A 1-cup serving of strawberries contains approximately 3 grams of dietary fiber. Eating enough fiber throughout the day has been linked to a decreased risk of developing heart disease as it can help to lower cholesterol levels in the body.


  1. Potassium punch: Potassium plays a role in maintaining a healthy blood pressure (it works with sodium). It is also vital for electrolyte balance and helps keep your muscles functioning properly.


  1. Loaded with vitamins: Not only do strawberries look great in a dish, but they contain many vitamins necessary for optimal health. These include vitamin C and folate, which are crucial for the functioning of your immune system and cells.


  1. Full of antioxidants: Strawberries contain anthocyanins, flavanols, terpenoids, and phenolic acids, which are types of phytonutrients that are also considered antioxidants. These nutrients may reduce the risk of age-related decline in cognitive functioning.


“Berry” Neat Meals


Strawberries are great for any dish, whether it’s in a salad, on top of yogurt, or even in a smoothie! Depending on your mood and what you are preparing, this fruit can be incorporated into numerous meals and snacks. Their bright red color makes them the perfect addition to create an appetizing dish the whole family can enjoy.


  • Strawberry Salad. Personally, I love adding sliced strawberries on top a bed of spinach with walnuts or almonds. The spinach and strawberries complement each other very well, as it isn’t too bitter or sweet!


  • Strawberry-Mango Sorbet. Are you looking to make your own delicious treat? Try making your own sorbet with fresh or frozen strawberries! Check out my recipe here.


  • Grilled Strawberry Kebabs. Have you ever made a fruit kebab before for dessert? Next time you’re feeling adventurous, stick some strawberries on a stick and grill them (or cook them on the stove top). This will make the strawberries super gooey with an irresistible smokey flavor!


  • Stuffed Strawberries. Cut out a little hole in your berry where the stem was and fill it with feta cheese, or another bitter The berries now become the perfect snack to fill you up and satisfy that sweet tooth!


With all of their health benefits, and their great flavor, strawberries are easily the perfect fruit. Don’t be afraid to get creative when whipping up some recipes at home. You can even make it into a fun family activity to try and see how many new ideas you can come up with!


Your turn to take action: How will you celebrate National Strawberry Day? Let me know in the comments below!


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